Energy-saving gadgets

Three of our favourite energy-saving gadgets by  Lynsey Handley Customer Manager of Bluewater Plumbers. Want to save energy and money in your home? We’ve found three handy gadgets to help you reduce your energy consumption in three key areas around

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Three Most Common Plumbing Problems

While we love what we do we know that you don’t always love us.  Calling a plumbing is something you only do when there is a disaster at your home, and you often do so with trepidation and the fear

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What you should look for in a plumber

Most of us know someone that has had a bad experience with a plumber.  It’s a sad fact that, as with every trade, there are some right cowboys wielding spanners and plungers.  However, that does not mean that every plumber

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Grafters Awards
The Grafters Awards – Vote Now | Bluewater Plumbers

Voting for The Grafters awards has begun. Bluewater Plumbers are delighted to be nominated for Best Plumbing and Heating Contractor. You can register your vote here. Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 20th February. The winners will be announced at

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Prevent shower plumbing problems with these tips

There’s nothing like regular showering for maintaining good personal hygiene. We suspect that a large proportion of Manchester residents frequently step into their showers, and with good reason. But what happens when you encounter  shower plumbing problems? Yes, such problems

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Bathroom Sale

Romance in the Bathroom Save up to 10% on the fitting of your new bathroom. Relaxing in the bath tub is a great way to relax on Valentine’s day so make your bathroom a sanctuary from your busy home… Bluewater

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