Why you need your own plumber?

It is somewhat inevitable that one day you will need a plumber.  Whether it’s as a result of an emergency situation that needs fixing as quickly as possible, or something more cosmetic that you are choosing to have done, you

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Where is your stop cock

Hands up those who know where their stop cock is. We thought as much. The vast majority of people (up to 80% in our experience) have no idea where their stop cock is. In fact, some won’t even know what

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Grafters Award
The Grafters Awards – We Won | Bluewater Plumbers

The Grafters Awards 2015 Bluewater Plumbers are delighted to announce that we won Best Plumbing and Heating Contractor at The Grafters Awards last night. Well done to Justin and the team; and a big thank-you to everyone who took the

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Maintenance of your rental property

Maintenance of your rental property by  Lynsey Handley Customer Manager of Bluewater Plumbers.   Rental properties are an investment, usually forming part of a Landlord’s pension plan. The key to sustaining and enhancing the value of that asset is the

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Landlords Legionella Risk Assessment

Landlords Legionella Risk Assessment by  Lynsey Handley Customer Manager of Bluewater Plumbers.   There are laws for residential landlords and letting agents who have the responsibility to protect their tenants from Legionnaires’ Disease. The Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8

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It’s still cold outside….

Baby, it’s still cold outside… Although Mother Nature is desperately trying to get Spring to arrive and the odd Daffodil is now visible on grass verges, the fact remains that it’s still pretty cold out there at the moment. That

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