Keep your Bathroom cleaner for longer

Bathrooms, usually the smallest room in the home, and yet the hardest working, so it’s important to show your bathroom lots of TLC.  From bathroom cleaning to maintenance, we have got some great tips on how to help this high-traffic room stay in tip-top condition.

Reduce moisture.  Nothing says ‘neglected bathroom’ like mildew stains.  Delaying the arrival of this pest is easily achieved with a dry bathroom.

Hang a squeegee in your shower, and make it a house rule that the last one to take a shower wipes down the walls, tray/tub and shower cubicle.  Don’t forget to stretch out the shower curtain, so that it can dry off too.

Install an extract fan, which comes on with the bathroom lighting, or open the window, even a crack, helps the moisture escape.

Apply water repellent to shower walls and doors.  Products like EnduroShield or Rainx help water and soap scum bead up and run off, so there’s less for you to have to scrub away.

Keep your cabinets tidy.  Use baskets and boxes to neatly store cosmetics and hair tools in your vanity cabinet.  A clutter free counter makes a bathroom look and feel cleaner.

Use towel bars.  Towels will dry quicker, and your bathroom will look tidier if you hang your towels across a bar.  No space?  Try using an over-the-door towel bar or door hooks.

Keep a pack of disinfecting cleaning wipes close at hand.  Stash a pack of wipes under the sink, this way you can quickly wipe up any toothpaste splatters, water marks, and other spills when you see them, and they wont have chance to dry into a stubborn stain.

Keep a dustpan and brush nearby.  You can use them to quickly and easily sweep up hair and dust from the floor without dragging out the vacuum.

Ditch the bar of soap.  Using liquid soap with a pump eliminates the slimy soap dish and helps keep your basin and countertop stay cleaner.