It can often seem that plumbing problems occur at the least opportune moment. You can almost guarantee a cracked pipe or unlit boiler on a freezing cold winters’ night. Of course, they don’t deliberately break down at these times, it’s just that these are the times when we put the most pressure on the appliances and therefore when they’re being worked to breaking point.

However, with spring here we live in hope that summer will soon be upon us and will bring with it warmer weather.  However, this doesn’t mean that you’re home free when it comes to plumbing issues.


Just because it’s getting warmer, doesn’t mean we don’t need the occasional bit of help with the heating. You may need a little additional warmth in the morning and you’d struggle to make it through any day without hot water. Therefore, breakdowns in the spring or summer can be just as inconvenient as they are during the winter.

What the warmer months give you is the opportunity to give your entire system a professional makeover and maintenance check. You can ensure that the heating you will really rely on come the wintry months is ready for action, and can make sure that it won’t let you down in the meantime.

Waste Disposal

Whether you’ve got a waste disposal system in your home or you use the drain for getting rid of liquids, blocking and clogging are both commonplace during the summer months. Using a fat container for all hot fats and performing regular cleaning are essential for a healthy and fully flowing system. However, in the event of a full-blown blockage, you may find yourself needing the services of an emergency plumber who can unclog the pipes and have you working to capacity again.

Washing Machines

Without thinking about it, you can do a lot more washing when the weather heats up. Children are experts at finding any source of mud or dirt and more playing outside means more opportunity to find said mud and dirt. Therefore, your washing machine may find itself underworked and underappreciated. Regular maintenance of the machine by a professional plumber who can also undertake careful checking of the machine itself and all connecting pipes can ensure that when you need your washing machine the most (normally when the children have discovered the delights of mud pies) it won’t let you down.


Bacteria, dirt and waste inside pipes can smell horrific but when coupled with warm temperatures, can be even worse. If there’s little water passing through the pipes because of a drought the bad smells can linger. If leaves or soil happen to fall in they can quickly create a blockage which will need a professional opinion to not only get the pipe back to full working order but to eradicate the foul odour. Drain unblocking can be a complex procedure with experience and knowledge of piping systems needed to ensure that no damage is caused or created as the blockage is removed and eradicated. A less than professional job could not only fail to have the desired effect but could potentially make the situation worse by damaging the pipes themselves.