Keep your boiler working, the key to keeping home warm

Keeping home warm, Book a health check

Boilers work hard, and need looking after to enhance performance and prolong life.  Treat yours to a regular service by a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer, who can check the safe operation of your boiler and repair any niggles before a major failure occurs.

Top the pressure up

If your boiler’s pressure is too low, it wont work properly.  Combination boilers work best when the pressure is between 1 and 1.5bar.  You can easily check the pressure using the dial on the front of the central heating boiler.  Find out how to check your boiler pressure here.

A power flush can enhance system performance

Sludge and debris can build up in your central heating system, which reduces efficiency and lowers heat output.   Bluewater Plumbers can clear the dirt and debris from your radiators and pipework, which will improve heat output and help reduce running costs.  It also protects your boiler from nasty debris, which can cause irreparable damage.

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